Picking Up Where We Left Off

How do we start a post knowing it’s been almost two years since we’ve talked about our last “adventure”?…

A lot has happened over the course of that time. Since moving back to California, we’ve been pretty busy with work and struggled with very conflicting schedules- as mentioned in our previous post. Who would imagine that problem while living in the ever-growing San Francisco Bay Area? Then, through a baby in the mix, and we’ve got ourselves a full blown cluster mess of never leaving our routine. Though we have been fortunate to travel and see a lot of different beautiful places, we sadly fell back into our busy lives, making work more important than sharing our escapes from reality.

Our vision moving forward is to talk about places we’ve been able to visit, as well as exploring with an additional member of the family that may require a little more planning than packing a day pack full of water and Clif Bars.

We hope you enjoy our little slice of life!

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