Eagle Creek Trail Cascade Locks, Oregon

We stepped out of the car into the cold, fresh air and immediately started to get pelted with rain. Eagle Creek was a trail that we’ve wanted to try for a while, and with the support of our friends and some heavy waterproof gear, we were determined not to let nature dampen our spirits.

And boy howdy, We’re sure glad it didn’t!

We started on the 13.1 mile up-hill path at about 10am, knowing that we probably wouldn’t make the whole thing. That was okay. For us, it’s more about the journey than the destination, anyway. Along the way we found a few bridges…


Eagle creek 11-4148


Eagle creek 17-4062

And more mushrooms than we could count!!

This trail was a great way to get to know our new friends much better.  Our friend, Dana, was wearing cartoon owls on her rainboots and decided to “water test” them as much as possible- This lead to a number of splash parties in the many puddles we came across along the way.

We made it about 3 hours into the hike where we crossed a small bridge, took a Clif Bar break and then headed back.

Dava and I learned that we’re the worst people to hike with. We stop often, appreciate the little things along the way and have no attachment to reaching the final goal. When we get tired, we turn around. This is the key to our lives together – Live as much in the moment as possible and love on the little things.

Eagle creek 13-4109

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